Poetry in the Peaks aka Far Too Pretty for Socks!

The yarn for this shawl was purchased to make a memory shawl to mark a particular visit to the Manchester/High Peak area to visit friends and family.  I fell in love with it in the shop and despite it being designed to make socks from I decided that it would be a tragedy if no one was able to see the lovely colours in it.  It’s Rico Designs Superba Poems in the Lagoon colourway (005).

I really enjoyed this yarn, the colours are so beautiful and they really lend themselves well to the Goddess Knits Peasant Shawl pattern and best of all it’s free 🙂 It seemed such a shame for it to spend it’s life being hidden by shoes!

It knitted up fairly quickly but I went a little off piste with the pattern as I had much more yarn than the original called for – I basically have done one ball of the garter stitch triangle and the other in the lace chart pattern, ending on the last row of the 4th full chart repeat. Many thanks have to go to Heather over at Knit Lace as her stitch count chart really helped in deciding when to begin the lace repeats.



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