Talking to the Trees

This project started life as a skein of gorgeous Serenity 20 yarn from Zen Yarn Garden, gifted on my birthday by Heather of Knit Lace.

I first started at the end of July and was looking forward to knitting it. I originally had another pattern in mind, but an impromptu browse yeilded Traveling Woman by Liz Abinante and something in my head clicked and the decision was made.

The initial going was rough, I’d never knitted a trianglular shawl before and I’d also never used stitch markers and I seemed to be getting tangled in them a lot. So I ditched the stitch markers in favour of maths and counting. I’m glad I did, because I began motoring along nicely 🙂

Then I had a little incident and frogged the lot on a Sunday night and spent all of the next day knitting it back to where I’d gotten to in the first place. I got 4 rows into the first repeat of chart A without any hitches 🙂

Then I frogged it again. I was having hiccups in the lace chart at one edge and couldn’t seem to work out what I was doing wrong. So I frogged because I needed the cable for another project.

I restarted the project at the end of August, with stitch markers. After one false start ( I somehow totally missed out a YO) but I finished for the evening on the 10th repeat of the stockinette rows.  After a couple of tinking incidents I realised that I couldn’t do this project and talk at the same time as I just messed up too much.

By the beginning of September blocking was in progress. I enjoyed the bind-off for this as I’d never used it before, it’s really neat if a little tight, and I’ll remember that for next time and look for a stretchier bind off.


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